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Get more traffic and more leads

How is your organization converting website visitors into active clients? Are you harnessing the power of your website as a lead generation tool? How is your blog contributing to your company’s overall marketing strategy?

Content marketers know that blogs are a key asset in the drive to acquire new business. In fact, research shows that enterprises that consistently publish blog content generate 67% more leads than those businesses that opt not to utilize this invaluable marketing technique.

From SEO to social media and everything in between, blog content can help you:

Generate Leads

Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Increase Brand Awareness

Engage Customers

Why do 45% of marketers feel that blogging is the most important component of their content marketing strategy?

Quite simply, a company’s blog content fuels every other aspect of your online marketing approach. From SEO to social media and everything in between, blog content generates leads, demonstrates thought leadership, and increases brand awareness.

Employing Alt-Creative’s blog writing services means building a partnership with one goal in mind: boost lead generation with expertly-crafted, keyword-rich content published to your blog.

We’ll work together to:

  • Set up an SEO-friendly blog
  • Develop an effective content strategy
  • Provide posts on a bimonthly basis
  • Expand your reach with guest blogs
  • Provide you with relevant social media messaging
  • Report on your blog engagement each month

Alt Creative is a certified Content Marketing Specialist

Alt Creative is a certified Search Marketing Specialist

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