B2B Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

B2B Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

B2B Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

B2B marketing strategies executed during the holiday season perform well for a number of reasons: there’s less competition, many organizations have budgets that must be spent by December 31, and companies are planning for the year ahead. This holiday season, try these B2B marketing strategies to keep clients engaged and continue generating leads.

Create Seasonal-Specific Assets

If you provide products and/or services to B2C organizations who are busy this year, it is imperative that you are just as prepared as they are for the holidays. You want to plan so you can have the inventory available to meet their needs. Develop eCatalogs and storefront apps that make it easy for your customers to reorder whatever they require from your business. The faster your clients can purchase what they need, the more they will appreciate how easy it is to do business with you.

Repurpose Top-Performing Content

As the year comes to an end, your team might be feeling a bit lost of content ideas. Rather than thinking up brand new ones, look at the top-performing pieces of content from the last 12 months and repurpose them for users. Repurposing content is an invaluable B2B content marketing technique that helps you make the most of your hard work.

Promote Holiday Hours

Make it clear when your team will and will not be available during the holidays. If you can find a way to provide support every day despite the holidays, let customers know that via email, social media, and your website.

Personalized, Valuable Emails

Emails increase exponentially during the holiday season. If you want your messages to stand out from the spam, personalize emails that offer real value. Email marketing services make it a breeze to customize messaging so use this functionality when crafting campaigns. Also, analyze data about your current audience, so you send messaging that generates a genuine connection. Deliver value of some kind, whether it’s a discount or free product/service, to your recipients, so your message isn’t just another promotional email in their inbox.

The Season of Giving

It pays to be a socially responsible business, especially around the holidays. For example, consider finding creative ways to give back while engaging with customers by running an online fundraiser and donating dollars for clicks.

Brainstorm ways to give to those in need while keeping your business top-of-mind with customers. Maybe it’s a canned food drive or a volunteer event partnering with a local charity. Whatever you do, make it about giving back and not promoting your business. Just knowing your organization lent a helping hand during the holidays goes a long way with your clients.

Turn Off Unsuccessful Campaigns

No need to waste your precious end-of-year budget on campaigns that aren’t driving results. Switch them off for the season and revisit them in the new year to see how your team can improve them.

New Year Follow-Ups

Many B2B organization have longer sales cycles than B2C companies. Unfortunately, the holiday season can disrupt these cycles for many of your leads. Strategize email, social, and content marketing campaigns that serve as a follow up to pre-holiday leads who were distracted by the yuletide merriment at the end of the year.

Look Ahead to the New Year

Everything tends to slow down during the end of the year. Take advantage of fewer meetings and projects by planning any marketing campaigns you want to launch at the beginning of the new year.
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