Alli Andress

Alli Andress, Blog Content Specialist

alli[at]alt-creative[dot]com | 512-850-0809

While completing her B.A. in English at the University of Colorado Denver, Alli Andress began building her digital content career with an internship at a multinational advertising agency. Since graduating, she has pursued numerous opportunities to master the craft of digital content, writing everything from blog posts and social media messaging to an interview series with local musicians.

Throughout her career, Alli has been fortunate enough to collaborate with businesses and nonprofit organizations ranging in size and industries. Whether it was creating email blasts for law firms, drafting website copy for international manufacturing conglomerates, or publishing blog posts for a small animal rescue, Alli enjoys nothing more than putting her talents to work for her clients.

As Alt-Creative’s blog content specialist, Alli looks forward to engaging new and existing audiences for clients through the power of storytelling and content marketing.