Our Approach:

We help small and medium sized businesses and non-profits create success in their organizations through our online marketing solutions.

When creating for web and print, our priority is to deliver:

  • a high-impact look
  • a naturally usable experience
  • designs and tools that are attractive to our client’s target audience
  • an efficient and pleasant process for our clients
  • excellent customer service and communication
  • a reliable, long-term relationship with our customers

We take the time to learn about your design needs AND your company – your successes, challenges, goals and audience. We provide initial mockups that let you choose of the best design and layout to fit your unique needs. We use space, depth, texture, and color to create a look that your potential customers find attractive. We then develop your website on the WordPress platform so you can easily make changes to the content. After the site launch, we are there for you to make updates, train you on updating your site, answer questions, and create strategies for success.

How we are different

When trying to find design or development services for your small business, there seem to only be two solutions: the large (expensive) agency or the solo (overworked) freelancer. Alt Creative gives you the best of both worlds through our unique workflow.

Most large agencies are expensive because they employ full-time talent. That’s why freelancers tend to be so affordable – because they have very little overhead. Unfortunately, one person can only do so much, which often leads to missed timelines and costly mistakes.

At Alt Creative, we only have one full-time employee, our owner and Project Manager, who manages our team of freelancers and experts while proving excellent customer service and timely, reliable communication with our clients. We have the resources to complete tasks far more quickly than your typical project manager led agencies because our in-house project manager also has the expertise of being an experienced web designer/developer.

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Our mission is to provide quality services and a long-term relationship through excellent customer service while benefitting our community and environment.

Our team consists of our founder Lindsey Tyner and her network of partners and contractors.

Learn more about our team:

Lindsey Tyner,
President & Project Manager

Vanesa Anaya-Aldana,
Web Development Assistant

Alli Andress
Blog Content Specialist

Janna Finch
Web Content Specialist

We give back by modeling our business to benefit the community and environment while empowering our clients to do the same.


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